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Change the way
India travels...

While cabs are too expensive and autos a headache, buses drain the energy out of you. We give you a new model which is a campaign for change

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Safe

  • Point to point travel solution unlike buses.
  • No over accommodation of vehichles like buses.
  • Cost that you can finally afford unlike cabs.

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What Our Customers Say:

It has been amazing experience. As a matter of fact,
      I have recommended cubito to atleast 10 people in
      my friend circle. Keep up the good work guys.

- Mr. Anupam Joshi

My daughter has been using your cab service
      since july.It is economical and the drivers have
      been trustworthy which is a major factor when
      the cab is being used by women.

- Ms. Anjali Gupta

I have been using cubito for about 3 months now.
      You are trying to solve a complex problem ,which
      if solved efficiently can do wonders to the
      transportation scene of the city.

- Mr. Supan Shah
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Our Story

This is a campaign which aims to build a community which shares. Transportation is and will remain the most essential part of our daily routines which is already a headache and with growing prices and increasing traffic it isn't getting any better. We here at Cubito intend to make this part of life easier for you. We encourage people to share rides to work and back.

What do you gain out of this?

Is cost of travelling by cabs making a hole in your pocket? Save money with our affordable shared cabs

Still starting your travel earlier owing to the delay by other passengers? Save time with point-to-point travel

Are parking problems ruining your morning peace? Forget parking issues while travelling in shared cabs

Do you reach your workplace completely messed up and tired? Save yourself from pollution with our AC cabs

Make the world a better place, with lesser honking and air pollution by reduced traffic,save the environment.

Still taking long walks to bus stops for those unworthy hectic bus rides? Save your energy with our service

We are your door to door, travel solution at the cost of a city bus. We aim to change the way India travels...

Even a simple layman's observation will tell you there is a lot of wastage in society. Especially in terms of the resources available for commuting. One cab per passenger is the growing trend and it is nowhere helping the society. One of the major factors which discourage the sharing habit is Security.

Your Safety

is our



You are clubbed with some one who shares your community. This can either be your work circle, your friend circle or someone from the colony/society you reside in. Your co -passenger can be from the multinational companies that are situated in the vicinity of your office. We will make sure that you make friends on the go. Our algorithm is specifically designed for this task.

Safety for Females

This is an added top priority parameter taken care of by our algorithm. It makes sure no woman is ever travelling alone. By alone we mean

  • A woman is never alone in the cab for more than 20% of the journey.
  • Women are clubbed with other women and it is ensured that there is at-least one other woman in the car.
  • If other females passengers are not available, the female customer is consulted before confirming the order via phone or email, along with the information of the co - passengers and is clubbed only on approval.

Rating Co - Passengers

You get-to rate your co-passengers. In case of any sort of problems or discomfort caused by a co-passenger you can report the same by calling our customer care executives or via a query through our website.

You can mail us to for any problems/discomfort/suggestions you might have. You get a feedback form at the end of your journey which also includes co-passenger ratings.

Social & HR Verification

Layers of HR verification, social networking sites and peer review mechanism ensures that only people like you enter our system. Our customer care executives make sure each customer is verified.


All your personal and travel information is safe with us, and we promise not to send you any spams or reveal your personal details to any third party . Hence the details are only available to our operations executives for operational purposes only. This is used only to provide you with a hassle free comfortable ride.

In every aspect taxi's seem to be the best possible mode of transport considering the punctuality, door to door solution, flexibility and comfort. Still the cost remains a barrier to using the service. How about an AC cab ride at the price of a city bus? Sounds unreal? We make it possible. Try Our Price calculator.

Get cabs at less than INR 7.50/km

Lets say you
    - Travel 18 km on a working day. (to and fro).
    - Work 22 days a month

This is promising enough to support our claim for best comfort to cost ratio. While saving all this you do you bit for the environment as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cubito?

Simply put, Cubito is a service that provides you the cab service at the cost similar to that of public transportation that is INR 7.50 per km. It uses technology to pool or group people travelling on the same route, so basically it is a organized cab pooling service. But the cost of the passenger is not affected if other people are not found on the route, that’s our responsibility.

What benefits do I get by choosing Cubito?

You enjoy the best possible comfort for an intra-city transport and you pay the price of public transport effective , you do your bit in reducing carbon footprints and traffic of the city and help increase your social network by traveling with other people.

What is the cost of registration?

ZERO! That’s the cost for registration.

How do I book a cab?

It’s very simple- Log on to our website or Use our Android Application or simply give us a call. You can choose any of the 3 available options to use our service.

Are all the payments to be made online?

Payments can be made through our online portal or collected in cash.

Can I book an individual cab?

Yes, you surely can! If you do not wish to travel with others and prefer privacy, you always have the option of availing a cab just for you, but it should be a monthly or weekly booking.

I have made a booking, however I wish to alter the
timing at which I need the cab. How do I do it?

You can just give us a call or mail us or do it by signing into your profile and use the tab ‘Change my Timings’

I have made a booking, however I wish to be cancel it. How do I do it?

You can just give us a call or mail us and ensure that your booking has been cancelled.

How long will the cab wait for me if I run late? *

You will be notified about the arrival of the cab 30 minutes before its actual arrival so as to give you enough time to reach. The cab will then wait for a period of 10 minutes for you to arrive. However, failure to do so even then will result in the cab moving on ahead with its journey.

My fellow passenger was unruly and it was not a pleasant experience, what should I do? *

You can call us on our customer service number or mail us at to report it and we promise you it will be dealt with seriously also you will be given a feedback form after the service, there you can explain about your experience. We take our feedback seriously and will do everything in our capacity to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Can I get an Invoice of the trip completed?

Yes, an Invoice/ Bill will be handed over or mailed to you on request.


Pranay Agrawal, Co - founder

Head Chef

Cooks every thing here. From food to stories to designs to prototypes to websites. From being a National badminton player to a chemical engineer to a graphic designer to now a geek.

Akhil Singh, Co - founder

The Busy Man

Started his 1st venture at the age of 19 and guided it to become one of the biggest player in its arena. Works with passion and the feel of the idea. A "Need for perfection" guy. Nothing imperfect works for him.

Arjun Chowgule

Big Boss

Our mentor, our experience. General Manager at Chowgule & Company Pvt. Ltd. brings in the corporate experience. Problem be it of anysort, he will have the most brilliant solution to it.

Prof. R.S. Joshi

Geek Guru

Intelligance personified. Our consultant for Research and Developoment. Amazing with Graphs and algorithms. His guidance is the backbone for our technology.

Abhishek Nair, Co - founder

The Ice man

Our cool data analysis consultant. His analysis and skill with numbers is outstanding. Making projections might seem like a task till you see him making his way through.

Siddharth Ranjan Khare


Consultant for operations. One hell of a dedicated guy who can cross all your notions for endurance. His experience with operations and fleet management comes in handy for the venture.

Arpit Brij Gupta

The Videshi Indian

Skilled Programmer from The University of Hong Kong who doesn't like cricket. Has an eagle's eye for flaws in the programs and algorithms. Data validation and software testing is his forte.

Ashvin Menon

Coder with the weird keyboard

A brilliant coder with many achievements under his belt. Lightening speed with coding the prototypes while playing his annoying keyboard.

Divyansh Shukla

Old Monk

The guy with the amazing Chai, key developer for the research division.

Jaydev Ajit Kumar


A visionary and ambitious front-end developer of the team. Coding goes best when there are no distractions, he defies that. Loud music gives him an inspiration to code.

Sandeep Venkatesh

Mr. Animated coder

One hell of a back end devloper with decent skills and endless zeal to get the work done. Sits quietly while he denies every thing you offer him to eat or drink. While coding thats all he does.

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