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The complexity of current times demands a redefined approach towards traditional problems. We asked ourselves a very fundamental question:

How can enterprises have complete control over their transportation logistics and how easily can it be done?

After rigorous testing and over 14 iterations we finally found the answer in our Employee Transportation Automation Tool (ETAT).

Cubito, headquartered in Bangalore, is a venture backed technology company which caters to the transportation logistics sector. We infuse intelligence into transport logistics involved in business processes and automate them to a complete 100%. From it's inception Cubito has centered its focus on shared economy by combating complexities involved in employee transportation. We provide point solutions to escalate the experience of every stakeholder by multiple folds with our Employee Transportation Automation Tool (ETAT).

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  • Our software compiles all employee information, geo-codes the data and allocates the fleet, avoiding unnecessary paperwork and reducing the time spent in enabling to a matter of seconds.
  • We ensure employee satisfaction by enabling proximity alerts, real time tracking and also consent ad hoc requests.

  • With ETAT, the administrator will not only be able to track the whereabouts of the vehicle but also monitor the speed maintained and off-routing, if any, to derive at a unique performance monitor.
  • We also provide automated invoice generation that leaves no room for any misrepresentation.


Building a brand on focus and transparency, we look to penetrate diverse sectors and make mobility a simple on call solution driven by efficiency and automation.


Today businesses thrive on global, forward-thinking strategies programmed into high-end technology solutions. We provide a simple tool that runs your entire transportation operation with just one click. ETAT is a foolproof system that ensures maximum satisfaction for your employees and maximum convenience for the administrator.
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    Input User Details
  • img02
    Geocodes The Data
  • img03
    Groups The Employees
  • img04
    Allocates Fleet
  • img05
    Location Tracking
  • img06
    Proximity Alert
  • img07
    Tracking Log
  • img08
    Invoicing Engine
  • img09
    Off-Routing Alert
  • img10
    Speed Check Monitor
  • img11
    Analytics Engine
  • img12
    Performance Monitor
  • img13
    Call Masking
  • img14
    Distress Signal
  • img15
    Device Tamper Monitor


Your Company with Employees saves upto:

INR 12,672,002

Saved Annually

Annually lakhs of money can be saved as a result of efficiency we bring in using our one of a kind system.


Calls avoided annually

As a result of our customer friendly product with multiple communication modes lakhs of phone calls can be avoided which are used for information exchange.

168,960 Kgs

Carbon Emission reduced

Your initiative for efficiency does not only benefit you. Reduce your corporate environmental impact to deliver sustained and sustainable value both now and in the future.

28,160 trips

reduced annually

Efficiency translates directly into the number of trips you save annually. Daily about 15% of less vehicles are required.

Ready To revamp your employee transport?

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