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A Next generation employee transportation system (ETS).
A unique re-invention of traditional human resource intensive setup into a complete unmanned, speedy, efficiency driven automated system.

How about if complete employee transport can be enabled and monitored just by a single click of a button?

We Provide a master software that you can log into from anywhere. Click once and get done with the transport arrangements for 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 employees within seconds.
Technology enables us to work wonders for you. With our system automate every step involved in process. Right from grouping, routing, driver allocation to information exchange between employee and drivers all within the scope of that one click.
With us there is no scope of missing updates from your employees or information from the driver. All allocations (driver, vehicle, group) are done in real time.
Our top priority and your biggest concern. We leave no scope of things going wrong. Features include:
  • No contact or personal information of employees shared with the driver.
  • Our job does not end at just ensuring that female employees reach the area of their residence. We confirm they reaching their doorstep safely.
  • SOS features only known to employees so they can easily trigger when in need.
  • Admins are informed on vehicle going off the pre allotted route or many more such unusual activities.
We are aware of the hassles one has to go though while managing or experiencing the cabs.With us Trained and verified drivers are put to job under an experienced operations team. Our record says we receive complains for less than 1 in 200 trips and even if you are that 1 person, we ensure you are satisfied with the actions taken though our parallel functioning quality team.

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Your Company with Employees saves upto:

INR 3,168,000

Saved Annually

Annually lakhs of money can be saved as a result of efficiency we bring in using our one of a kind system.


Calls avoided annually

As a result of our customer friendly product with multiple communication modes lakhs of phone calls can be avoided which are used for information exchange.

160 Kgs

Carbon Emission reduced

Your initiative for efficiency does not only benefit you. Reduce your corporate environmental impact to deliver sustained and sustainable value both now and in the future.

7,040 trips

reduced annually

Efficiency translates directly into the number of trips you save annually. Daily about 15% of less vehicles are required.

Ready To revamp your employee transport?

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